Andy Hall, at Tortoiseshell Black, is a freelance designer based in Milton Keynes.

The 40 year old has over 18 years of experience, working in a range of different areas of design, including print media, website design and illustration. He has worked for both big and small companies, from the BBC and P&MM, WWE to Geeky Jerseys in Canada and, more recently, Thorogood Sports, a sports wear manufacturer based in London where he currently works as a Senior Web and Graphic Designer.

“In such a creative market, I believe that good communication and listening skills are paramount for a graphic designer; the ability to work as a team is at the core of a successful business, if you truly want to provide excellent quality and excellent service.”

I take great pride in everything he designs and spends much of his time at home learning new ways to be creative and researching innovative ideas, often listening to podcasts by other designers to better his own craft. He lives by the principle that “If I can’t use it now, I’ll learn how”.

“I hope you’ll find my projects exciting and interesting and see from the range of design just how much I love my work.”

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